Neon Dance



Movement, sound and innovative laser light show combine in this gripping and powerful dance performance

What makes our behaviour uniquely human?

Touching and emotionally charged, Empathy reflects on what influences us to empathise with others. Five dancers jostle for position - folding, lifting and balancing against one another as they navigate through the award winning Numen's beguiling laser light design. 

Taking inspiration from the work of psychologist Professor Simon Baron-Cohen (Zero Degrees of Empathy), Empathy is a truly theatrical experience where movement, sound and lighting combine and contribute in equal part.

An extremely striking and telling portrayal of the spectrum of human empathy. This powerful piece pierced deep into our hearts.” — Derby Evening Telegraph


Photo credit: Miles Hart Photography

Wednesday 23rd November at 8pm

South Street Arts Centre

Tickets £14 (Concessions £12)

Call the Box Office - 01189 60 60 60