MCDC present



Will you play the game?

A daring and interactive performance, that relies on the creativity of the audience to shape and mould the direction of the piece. Performed over street furniture, like a video game, you control the dancers, creating unique and often hilarious outcomes with each performance.

Each game lasts approximately 15 minutes.


MCDC is an emerging international dance company collaborating worldwide with a collective of driven, creative, like-minded artists from various backgrounds.

Choreography: Michaela Cisarikova and dancers

Performers:  Nick Herman, Holly Wilmot, Angeliki Theodorou, Flavia Caselli,  Jumar Jumanji Aben

Collaborators: Ross Allchurch - Sound Designer

twitter, instagram @MCDC_Co

Dance Reading is a celebratory month of dance brought to you by Junction Dance in association with the Reading Dance Professionals Network, Reading’s Year of Culture, The Cultural Partnership and Arts Council England. 

Saturday 5th November between:




Broad Street, Reading Town Centre (Outside M&S)